7 thoughts on “Japan, will you get bombed?

  1. I found this to be pretty interesting. I liked how in the flowchart, no matter what you do you will get nuked, which seems true but also humorous in a dark way. It’s sad to see such a horrible fate happen to those two Japanese cities.

  2. This is a nice organized flow chart, and contained information in a fun way and will make you remember what happened during the bombing of Japan. even though it was pretty dark it was a very creative way of displaying the event.

  3. I like how this flow chart is organized, like those in magazines except this is hard, cold fact. The sarcasm and wittiness behind it is funny, too, but the details are all also accurate which is good. It was nice how you were able to take something so historic and factual and be able to put it into a flowchart with humor.

  4. The format of this post was interesting to me, I like the spin on the flowchart design. The post is accurate and makes a good point. I enjoyed reading the post as it was humorous but also reflected a very serious issue with historical accuracy.

  5. I really like this because it shows that no matter what Japan did they would end up getting bombed. It’s sad, but it’s also very accurate and makes a good point.

  6. I like this because it truly shows the ruthless and the warmongering attitude of the US by the end of WWII. It showed that after four years of Pacific assault, Japan was left with a series of choiceless choices. You also played the colors and feel in this well.

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