What’s Happening to My Image?: A Transformation Guide for Women

What’s Happening to My Image?: A Transformation Guide for Women

In the 1920s women were transforming. They still struggled (and are struggling) with gender equality, but were finally taking a step in the right direction with women’s suffrage. Not only were women gaining political voices, but they were also redefining themselves in the work place and socially. I have created a collage that encompasses the new woman.

LINK TO IMAGE: https://drive.google.com/a/cps.edu/file/d/0B2afAohdrnefN0VxNWM2WDUtV00/edit?usp=sharing 

Works Cited (for all images used)





4 thoughts on “What’s Happening to My Image?: A Transformation Guide for Women

  1. I really enjoyed your collage! It truly does encompass the “new woman” of the 1920’s. The topic of women in the roaring twenties is quite interesting to learn about. There was a lot of change, and most of it for the better. You portrayed it well and you are a great artist!

  2. I like your collage so incredibly much! Not only is the image itself very cool, but it captures how women were changing in society. The images you chose do a good job of showing the elegant and classy yet beautiful and sometimes even scandalous nature of this new era of women. I also like how you acknowledged that women have not stayed static since this time, and continue to evolve and push for equality even today. Great job!

  3. Cool collage! It makes the “new woman,” as we like to call her, seem almost dangerous – which is, of course, what people would have thought of her at the time.

  4. I love your collage! I think you did a great job showing the transformation of the women at the time. You managed to show the quintessential fashion change and how women really rebelled.

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