What Caused World War I – a flowchart

Essentially, World War I was not caused by a particular person, idea, or event. Although it developed through a chain of events starting with Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, it can mainly be cause of militarism, alliance systems of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance, imperialism, and strong feelings of nationalism throughout many of these nations.


13 thoughts on “What Caused World War I – a flowchart

  1. This is a good way of analysis of World War I. I liked how the flowchart kind of laid everything out whereas we usually just talk about it. You can see all the connections. It was kind of difficult to follow at first, but I think that is because of and adds to the complicated entanglement it was trying to portray.

  2. This is a good flowchart. It nicely lays out everything and it’s good to see how everything is connected in the war. It also depicts the complex alliance system that pulled everybody into the war.

  3. I love your flowchart! It’s so easy to follow that I would’ve used it for the last unit test to study. It’s faster than reading a textbook because you laid out the causes and effects perfectly. Also, I like how its very easy to read because the arrows aren’t confusing like most flowcharts. Nice job!

  4. This flowchart is a great and simple representation of international entry into World War I. Each explanation by each arrow was concise and quick, and I really liked how at the bottom, all roads pointed to the same causes. Good job!

  5. Excellent flow chart! It’s interesting to see how different nation’s interests were different as tensions rose and before war actually started, but in the end they all had the same justification and rationale for entering WWI. Everything was very organized and concise yet informative. NIce job!

  6. This flowchart is great! The complex events and alliances leading up to and during the First World War are certainly hard to describe easily. It’s interesting to see how fast European powers were willing to turn on each other and join another complex set of alliances. You did a great job on explaining the rationale of the countries during and before the war.

  7. This flowchart was really simple and easy to understand. I like how you showed that all the countries joined the war because of almost the reasons. You also showed how the Alliance system was pushing each country closer and closer to the war.

  8. Wow, very nice in giving the main reasons of the start of WWI in a brief but factual and fully teaching way. Also I like how you showed all of the major powers and why some went to war with others for which reasons. My only criticism is your lack of the most important reason, in my opinion, this being that a sandwich caused World War One.

  9. This is really interesting in showing how all of the contributing factors of world war I and how they affected every country similarly. This also shows how countries influenced each other to enter the war really well.

  10. I really like this flowchart. It shows all the causes and you kind of go in depth in explaining why certain countries joined the war in terms of alliances. This really shows how entangling the alliances were. Not only that, but you showed how they all basically entered the war for four main reasons. Really nice job!

  11. I really liked this. It is pretty easy to follow and pretty informative. I like how it is simple in its presentation, but it still shows the complexity of the war and the complex alliances. It really depicts how every ultimately got into the war due to the four MAIN causes, despite all the small events that impacted them individually.

  12. I really like your flowchart. I shows the events that occurred very clearly, and portrays the main causes of the War without any small details. It is very big picture and I like that.

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