The Top 8 things you probably SHOULDN’T have said if you lived in the U.S. during the 20th century

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12 thoughts on “The Top 8 things you probably SHOULDN’T have said if you lived in the U.S. during the 20th century

  1. I really love this! The humorous approach is great, and it accurately displays American feelings during this time time period. Your use of exaggeration and tone really bring it all together, and it was super enjoyable to read!

  2. I really like how you took the World War 2 american culture and put a humorous twist on it while still being historically correct.

  3. This is great! In addition to the last point, I think you shouldn’t mention that a young Joseph Stalin was ridiculously handsome.

  4. This is really good! You took a serious topic and discussed it in a humorous way while maintaining historic accuracy. Rather than simply showing propaganda from the 20th century that readily demands Americans to co-operate with their silence, you added on originality to your post.

  5. This is such a good idea. I like how there is slight sarcasm but it still helps depict life during the time period by showing the opposite of what would have been acceptable during the time.

  6. Your use of historical facts by stating the opposite was an interesting way to show the majority sentiments at the time. However, your font, color, and weight choices seem a little random. Did you have specific reasons to make you emphasis so inconsistent, both in style and what got emphasized?

  7. This is great. It’s a new perspective on the 20s and one I definitely would not have thought of taking. It’s really creative and entertaining while still being historically relevant.

  8. Haha I really like this. I liked how you interpreted it differently. I would think of the 20s to be surrounded with flapper girls and industry and margin buying, but this was a different view of the 20s. Then, when I saW Hitler, i expected it to be super serious about war facts, but this really brings out the sentiment towards the war in a really humorous way. good job 🙂

  9. This post is great. I found this to be a great way to explain history with humor. Some of the pictures, like the one with Hitler and a heart armband, was hilarious, and some of the comments (like the one on Stalin’s mustache) were also humorous. I also liked the sarcasm you put into some of the “forbidden things to say”, such as the ones pertaining to racial equality and Japanese American internment. Overall, great job.

  10. This is really well executed and almost completely summarizes the sentiments of the early 20th century. I appreciate the humorous route you took on serious topics because it makes it easier to realize that this is our past and we have moved on from this type of thinking.

  11. Like others have stated, this is a great blog. you perfectly summed up the points of the 20th century in a humorous way. This is a very creative job well done.

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