In 1920, the 18th amendment called for the prohibition of alcohol. People thought this would prevent crime and people from getting drunk, but in reality it stopped nothing, it just made things less safe. It lead to speakeasies and gangsters who made millions of dollars off of the sale of alcohol. Al Capone made over $60 million in 2 years, and gang rivalries could result in murder.


3 thoughts on “Prohibition

  1. I liked this. It reminded me of a political or satirical cartoon. It was kind of funny but also accurately depicts the backfiring of the 18th amendment.

  2. You make a good point with your cartoon. Alcohol was still sold, bought, drunk regardless of the 18th amendment. I enjoyed your cartoon because it depicts the ineffectiveness of prohibition and how it probably made things worse with the abundance of gangsters and bootleg alcohol that followed.

  3. I like the se of cartoon to show this. This is actually the first cartoon blog post I’ve seen. This also accurately shows how prohibition really backfired and caused more crime and and societal problems without really eliminating any problem.

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