Inaugural Speeches and Presidential Priorities

These are Wordles of the first inaugural speech of each president from William McKinley’s speech in 1901 and ending with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech in 1933. I thought it would be interesting to see how the priorities of each president changed in the early twentieth century based on the frequency of certain words in their speech.

5 thoughts on “Inaugural Speeches and Presidential Priorities

  1. I really like how you made these for not just one or two speeches, but a lot of them. I think these makes it easy to see what things were important, or what each president was trying to stress.

  2. I thought this was a very interesting visual way to show presidential priorities. I like how it’s easy to see the important things that each president stressed in their speeches and how priorities changed through the years.

  3. This is great! You took an interesting approach at demonstrating the shifts in priorities of the presidents during the early 1900’s. The visual effectively demonstrates the tensions and problems faced by the nation throughout the years as well.

  4. This was a really interesting way to evaluate the priorities of various presidents. It’s also interesting because you can see the linguistic tactics that presidents used to address the nation, to try to remain popular in the public eye. Well done!

  5. What an awesome way to visualize! You’re right – this does a great job of showing what priorities were as time changed.

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