How did the Great Depression affect you?

This flow chart shows you how you were affected by the great depression based on your gender, race, and job.


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13 thoughts on “How did the Great Depression affect you?

  1. I really like the amount of choices that this flowchart offers, and also how nice it looks. I especially think the lines jumping over each other is really neat.

  2. I really like how this flowchart is organized and it is really easy to follow. It gets the point across of how every group of people was affected differently.

  3. The chart was well made, easy to read, and not difficult to follow. It shows a broad spectrum of people and their different situations they had to face. It is interesting to know what possible life you could’ve gone through.

  4. This is a really wonderful flow charts. It shows the many ways in which the Great Depression affected Americans and it really emphasizes the diversity found in the United States in regards to age, class, and ethnicity. It was a great summary with a good amount of detail!

  5. I like how simple and easy to follow this flowchart is. You did a great job of explaining how each group was affected by the Great Depression.

  6. I like how you touch on all of the outcomes the great majority of people had. The effects really show the hardship of the time era. You gave a good feel for the experiences someone would have gone through.

  7. I really enjoyed how you made the chart aesthetically pleasing, logically developed, and historically accurate, all at the same time. It really gave me a well rounded view on how life was difficult for everyone during the Great Depression, just in different ways.

  8. Your flow chart really gives all the descriptions of everything that could happen to you during the Great Depression, and I like how detailed it is. I also like how one thing points to many things that can happen to you, which represents the complexity of life during the Great Depression.

  9. I’m impressed with how many options the chart provides, and the diversity of the results, the one thing i think could have been added would be what area you live in.

  10. I really like how many different groups of people you included in the chart. I thought it was really easy to follow and looked very neat. I enjoyed the details that you added into the descriptions and thought it was very interesting to see how diverse life was in this time period.

  11. This flowchart is super impressive! Not only do you include different socio-economic statuses as choices, you also have a section for minorities and children. I really like how you organized it in a way that you can understand how almost everybody in America could have been affected through the Great Depression, if only I read this earlier to help me study for the test!

  12. This chart was great! It included a lot of details and different options for many varieties of people during the era and gave detailed descriptions of what life could have been like in the different scenarios! It gave a lot of information for each option as well and was organized in a logical way which made it easy to follow. Nicely done!

  13. This flowchart was so good! It covered so many different people and so many options. It also looked really good and was pretty easy to follow. There was good details and it was very informative.

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