Buying on Credit

This is a collage of various advertisements for items to buy on credit. I thought it was interesting because this, the 1920s, was one of the first times in American History that commercialism based on credit was widely accepted and common. This was one of the contributors to the Great Depression.

8 thoughts on “Buying on Credit

  1. I like your collage because it takes you back to the 1920s. Your collage allows me to see how normal buying on credit was in society during the 1920s. My favorite picture was the “put 10 dollars down for a refrigerator and pay the rest off in two years”. Also, I liked the 1920s credit card you used because it shocked me at how different credit cards look like now. Your collage is very simple, cute, and easy to read!!

  2. Your collage is a great representation of the ’20s attitude on credit buying. I like your choice of pictures because it shows the almost unhealthy consumer culture and to a further extent foreshadows one of the causes of the Great Depression. Your collage has a sense of nostalgia to it and as Summer said it truly takes you back to the 1920s. Great job done!

  3. I really like how your collage demonstrates the appeal of buying on credit. It’s not always easy from just reading books to understand what people were so enchanted by with buying on credit back then, but this really illustrates that. People were constantly being encouraged to buy things everywhere they looked, and they were also being told that they could. What could go wrong?

  4. I like how you bunched the advertisements together to give the whole post an “in the moment” feel. So many sensory details trying to grab at you and convince you to join in on the buying on margin. I find it kind of scary that people can be so easily won over words without a second thought about the consequences.

  5. Your collage is so nice! Like the others have said, I was really able to see the enticing nature of these advertisements. Even looking at it, I felt a slight desire to fall into that mindset too. Because they were often shown as simple and quick ways to achieve the universal “American Dream” of happy, prosperous lives, the everyday citizens would have been easy targets for the manipulative and incomplete information provided too them. This compilation of ads successfully captures their power.

  6. It sums up some of the major products that people were investing in and buying (investing in the stock market and buying television sets) and explaining buying on the margin. Also I agree with Ellianag (see comment above) that in a way this collage does allude to the seemingly quick achievement of the American Dream.

  7. This collage shows the excitement about finally being able to buy all the new products out there and how it affected advertising. It’s interesting to look back on how people felt about this system knowing what we know now about the great depression and how destructive this system turned out to be. People were blinded by the opportunity and they couldn’t see the consequences.

  8. I find this very interesting because it shows buying on credit as an exciting new thing. I like how it is somewhat similar to the credit ads we have now, with “buy now pay later” as a major slogan. Its interesting to see the reactions of people in the 1920s to this system versus people today who know it as the standard.

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