3 thoughts on “Brief Moral Explanation of America’s Use of Nuclear Weapons on Japan

  1. I love the flow chart. It was very creative. Now for the slightly biased response. Is it morally wrong to send American troops into a slaughter that would result in the death of well over 1 million Allied soldiers and would likely result in the annihilation of a large part of Japan’s culture through collateral damage? I would also rage more about the definition of a sound moral judgement being dependent on a changing society. Apart from that and the two no answers from bombing, good job. You have my respect for restarting a world studies debate.

  2. I really like this blog post. I think it is great because it shows the different things that determine what is moral in the extreme situation of nuclear bombing. You really instigated the issue of whether it was right or wrong to bomb civilians, even if it meant stopping the war.

  3. I like this flowchart because it’s very amusing and also informational. I also like how you explored the morality of bombing civilians, which is something that happened extensively in World War II.

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