The Roaring Twenties: Charleston Dance Poster

The Roaring Twenties was a brief period in American history in which culture and social normalcy was changing rapidly due to the booming economy and post-World War I patriotism and euphoria. The poster I drew depicts two white people of opposite genders, wearing nice clothing, dancing. The woman in the poster is supposed to represent the women of the age known as “flappers.” These women were known for wearing short skirts, bobbing their hair, listening to jazz, and dancing the Charleston.  All of these things were considered extreme for the time. The twenties were a period where there was great happiness, because of the brief  economic and diplomatic stability the country maintained. The bright colors, nice clothes, and happy people are supposed to symbolize this.



One thought on “The Roaring Twenties: Charleston Dance Poster

  1. Sarrin, what an incredible representation of the radical views of this time period! While your dance steps may not be the most historically accurate, I love that you took the time to express the emotions that came with a revolutionary change in the population’s views of dance and its place in society. I also deeply appreciate the inclusion of blush make-up on the woman’s face. It’s also unfortunate that both of the dance partners have broken legs. 🙂

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