The Presidents of the 20th Century

Hey Guys, I couldn’t upload my image..So click the link below to access Google drive to view it or click the second link to see a nice view of my infographic. Enjoy! (I recommend the app link)

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Hey Guys, I couldn’t upload my image..So click the link above to access Google drive to view it.

Sources/Where I got my Images: 

Theodore Roosevelt/author: Pach Brothers/Source:,_1904.jpg Union Workers/author: Bain News Service, publisher/Source: Irrigation/author: LYOUNG02 at en.wikipedia/Source:,_Sevier_County,_UT,_showing_irrigation.jpg Business/author: David Patch/Source: Roosevelt Grapples With the Railways Commission/author: Robert Edgren/Source: The Jungle/author: unknown/book:Upton Sinclair/Source: Chicago Meat Inspection/author: H.C White Co/Source: William Howard Taft/author: George Grantham Bain/Source:,_Bain_bw_photo_portrait,_1908.jpg 7 Continents=Image available on app USD notes/author=none/Source: U.S flag/author: Thomas Hawk/Source: Money bag=Image available on app Supreme Court/author: Federal Government/Source: Woodrow Wilson/author: Harris and Ewing/Source:,_Harris_%26_Ewing_bw_photo_portrait,_1919.jpg U.S Federal Reserve System logo/author: U.S Government /Source: Petition ballot/author: Dragon Hawk/Source: Vote image/Author: Tribalium, Publisher: Shutterstock/Source: Senate in Session/Author: unknow/Source: Captain America/Author: Red Flare/Sources: Clayton anti-trust act/Author:unknow/ The Irreconcilables/Author: Ralph Stone/ League of Nations/Author: Commonwealth of Australia/Source: Big Four/Author: Edward N. Jackson (US Army Signal Corps)/Source: Warren G. Harding/Author: Harris &Ewing/Source: Herbert Hoover/Author:Underwood&Underwood,Washington/Source: FDR/Author: Elias Goldensky (1868-1943)/Source:

One thought on “The Presidents of the 20th Century

  1. I think this was very well made and showed many different events and actions of all the presidents from 1900 until FDR’s 4th term. I think every image is very clearly portrayed each concept, and was a good idea to provide a short caption to explain what each amendment was. The range of foreign policies, protests, federal domestic programs, and personal slogans gave a multi-angle perspective for each president.

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