The Icon of Postwar Prosperity: The Flapper

Be A Flapper Poster

This poster, while not necessarily one used for advertising at that time, tells the story of a flapper in short. It sells the idea of young women living live to its fullest, as they are reminded how short life can be with the death toll of the war hanging over them, as well as the influenza pandemic of 1918. It promotes the idea of women being independent of men, as they were able to support themselves while they were fighting at war. While many people just see flappers as the icons of the “Roaring 20’s”, they were also the icons of breaking societal roles, and making it not uncommon for a woman to smoke or to drink. Flappers were a rebellious group, but they changed the way women lived, long after the 20’s ended. They may be mainly known for their adventurous and free living lifestyle, but they can be credited for many feminist barriers at that time.



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