The Bombing of Japan: The Comic Version


I’m not the best drawer or writer, but I’ve always had a passion for comics; specifically DC Comics. This is a collection of some of my favorite comics, rewritten and moved around to retell a historical event. Though it took a lot of time, I would definitely be interested in doing something like this in the future! You should try it too!

Injustice: Gods Among Us (#s 4,8,10,11) by Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, and Tom Derenick

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #1 by Tom Taylor, Mike S. Miller, and Tom Derenick

Justice League #3 by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Red Hood and the Outlwas #29 by Will Pfiefer, Rafael Sandoval, Paul Neary, Jordi Tarragona

Star Wars #1 by Carlos D’Anda



5 thoughts on “The Bombing of Japan: The Comic Version

  1. Robert this great!!!! I like how you used the idea of already drawn comics and then put them all together to create a new story; like scrapbooking and making a collage at the same time, which is really unique! It also puts a lighter tone on a very serious event, which puts an interesting take on it.Planning on trying this sometime 😀

  2. I enjoyed reading through this very much! I like how you took a passion of yours, which in this case is comics, and you used that to create your own unique spin on a historical event. Some of the panels were very amusing as well (especially when “MacArthur” led his aquatic army to take over Japan). Overall, an entertaining read.

  3. The format of this is so interesting! I love that you used comics to tell the story of the events, all of the comics you chose fit the situations so well. It’s informative but also fun, I really like it.

  4. This is really creative! I like the way you incorporated historical facts. It helps to have a visual to help imagine historical events, even if these comics weren’t originally made to convey those events. The story line came through well even with the splicing of different comics. Good job!

  5. I really enjoyed how you used a fictional world and characters in order to creatively tell a story that captured my attention and also gave me a clear run through as to how the event occurred! That is no easy feat, and is quite impressive. Great work!

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