The 1920s Bootlegger

I have made an infographic on bootlegging and the practice of bootlegging in the 1920s exposing the causes, the practices, and the effects that could be attributed to these people.



2 thoughts on “The 1920s Bootlegger

  1. You did a great job of showing the extent of the effects of prohibition – not just criminal and economic. I think you also added some really interesting facts that kept me engaged, like the origins of bootlegging. What you highlighted which I found really important was that when prohibition began, it didn’t stop people from drinking – many people drank more – it just made all parts of the process more dangerous.

  2. This is a really good explanation of prohibition and the effects that it resulted in. Some of the information you presented surprised me such as the section about money in the effects of prohibition, but overall your inforgraphic is very interesting and extremely well done.

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