Reasons for WWII

This piktograph explains the causes of WWII.








One thought on “Reasons for WWII

  1. It makes you wonder whether or not WWII would have happened if one or a few of those events were missing. Imagine if Hitler never existed. Most historians would probably argue that WWII wouldn’t have happened (probably would have led to collapse of whole German country though). If Pearl Harbor wasn’t bombed, Americans would probably never be so all-for-war. If the Treaty of Versailles didn’t put so much pressure on Germany, the Germans would have had no reason to go to war. So many of these events contributed greatly to WWII and it just goes to show you how much WWII wasn’t caused by innate human disagreements but by dumb human mistakes and intentional human decisions, as in, there were so many things people purposely did that caused WWII.

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