Loose Lips Might Sink Ships

Is a corrupt ship one worth keeping afloat?

(“Loose Lips Might Sink Ships” taken from a WWII propaganda┬áposter distributed by the US Office of War Information)


2 thoughts on “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships

  1. This is a great modern propaganda poster. It poses a great metaphor for the current problem that America faces, except now the problems are domestic instead of foreign.

  2. This poster is incredibly relevant in both its WWII context and its present day context. It shows the government’s attempts to hush people up, which was normal around a war situation, when personal rights decreased but is really unacceptable in the longest stretch of peace in history. It’s interesting to see how back then propaganda was used in a much more blunt way, while today it is more subtle and relies on government officials’ addressing the issues in speeches and addresses.

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