Lessons from the Second World War

The Second World War taught the international community many lessons about how to interact with each other. Additionally, it showed the world how to not interact with each other. This is a diagram demonstrating the missteps taken by Hitler in achieving love from foreign nations.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Second World War

  1. Danny, I really enjoyed your flow chart. I really enjoyed that you based your chart on international lessons learned from the second World War, yet you emphasized how not to interact with other countries. I just thought that was really enjoyable. I believe that we can all agree that every nation involved in World War II learned a great deal of lessons involving international policies and relations. I also think we can all agree that Hitler was definitely the worst at establishing solid and lovable relationships with foreign countries.

  2. I deeply appreciated how this blog post was both amusing and insightful simultaneously. In my opinion that is one of the best ways to learn history. Thank you Daniel for demonstrating to me how to not be Hitler.

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