Black (and white) Tuesday



Inline image 1

 Great Depression Collage (link)

This collage depicts the suffering of families during the 1930’s, after the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, producing a decade-long faltered economy. Many families had lost their homes and their jobs- the men wandered the streets in search for food and money, while the mothers stayed with their children to take care of all they had left. The Great Depression was an event of our nation’s history that no one can truly forget because of the impact it had on hundreds of thousands of individual lives. Even after all the protests and attempted reform programs like the New Deal, it was not until WWII that the U.S. truly got back on their feet.


Images to make collage derived from Google Images.

2 thoughts on “Black (and white) Tuesday

  1. This was really, really nicely made. You managed to make use of all images that rung true during the Great Depression, and a lot of pictures were heart wrenching (“Why can’t you get my dad a job?”) The collage was an accurate visual representation of what American citizens experienced during the Great Depression,a and I can tell that you put a lot of effort and hard work into making this collage. The title of the collage is clever, too!

  2. I love this collage so much because it’s a very accurate depiction of the struggles of the time period and it flows so well together that it provokes me to further question the suffering that took place. Usually in when we learn of the great depression we never get to understand the suffering that took place.

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