APUSH Visual Blog


My visual depicts the stock market “crashing” on top of Uncle Sam, as he unknowingly sits on a bench. The stock market crash of 1929 caused America’s spiral into the Great Depression as billions of dollars were lost and the economy was destroyed. At the bottom of my image, I show that my visual is a FDR New Deal promotion, encouraging Americans to trust their government as it works to rebuild a broken economy and a broken nation.


2 thoughts on “APUSH Visual Blog

  1. I really like this, because it shows how unsuspecting the US was before the stock market crash. Also, your New Deal propaganda makes a good point, because many Americans were wary of the experimentation of the New Deal, but they needed to trust the government.

  2. Ethan, what a great graphic! It really illustrates how America was blindsided by the Great Depression, and how quickly things got out of control for the government and the people. It also does a good job of demonstrating the inexperience that both the government and the people had with such a crushing economic depression, and the propaganda utilized by the government to calm tensions among the general population.

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