All is Fair in Food and War

Here is the link to my Food Propaganda Info graphic

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6 thoughts on “All is Fair in Food and War

  1. Your idea was really cool. Most of the time when we think of war, we don’t remember the impacts like food regulations. I liked how you included so many different propaganda posters; it was a good representation of how prevalent this was in society at the time.

  2. I like the usage of a different aspect of the war that is rarely focused on in books. not many remember the importance of resources of food in a war when compared to resources like weapons and soldiers. Crucial decisions go into resource management during wartime and this post really emphasizes that aspect.

  3. Wow. Clearly the government saw some value in food. I guess we take food for granted. I, for one, always thought we made a big deal of rationing when it seems like we had so much food, and I guess this just confirms that. Also, I liked how one of the posters said “thousands are starving in Europe”, calmly overlooking the millions upon millions of people starving elsewhere.

  4. Really nice. You chose a topic which we rarely seen brought up. I really liked how you used propaganda posters to get your point across. Also I think you did a good job in having a varied amount of posters.

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