Early 1900s Comic Strip: Where Ya Going, Betsy?

Women’s roles have really changed throughout the early 1900s. The first panel depicts Betsy going to a factory to work during World War I. At that time, women in the US were taking up the factory jobs that men were leaving behind because they were drafted into the military. For the second panel, it shows Betsy all dressed up to get a drink of alcohol at one of the speakeasies in the “golden” 20s. The 1920s was when women were gaining a new sexual freedom (e.g. flappers) and unlike before, when old saloons were for men only, the new speakeasies that came to be were for both men and women to get a drink. Lastly, for the third panel, it shows Betsy ready to go off to World War II. Though there were women in World War I, they didn’t have much of a combative role (they more stayed at home and worked in the factories) compared to World War II when women even took part in the army, navy, and the national guard. This comic just basically shows the evolution of women throughout the early 1900s. By the way, in the background you can also see some technological improvements from the invention of the radio to televisions becoming common in most American homes.

3 thoughts on “Early 1900s Comic Strip: Where Ya Going, Betsy?

  1. Wow! This was quite accurate, and equally as enjoyable! I liked how it presented historical changes of women over the years, and through a light hearted, visual manner.

  2. I agree with Robert. My first reaction was, wow this comic strip is adorable, I really like the simplicity and style. But as I read your description and noticed the details in the post, I realized that this is a really great balance between visually appealing and interesting. Nice job Rachel! I always like the women’s story, and I think your post is definitely one of the most enjoyable I’ve seen this year.

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