State of the Union: Then and Now

One hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson gave his second State of the Union address. He was the first president to deliver it in person. On January 28 of this year President Obama gave his own State of the Union address for the fifth time. Both being democrats, I feel that they would agree with each other on some of the topics discussed. I specifically choose the 1914 State of the Union Address because it is one hundred years ago, and I felt like it would be interesting to see the change in priorities and the similarities between the two.

In both cases, war was discussed. 1914 was the beginning of World War 1. At that time, the United States had not yet joined the war, but Woodrow Wilson told them to be prepared, for if needed, they should be there to help their allies. At the same time, he said that we were at peace with world, and we should try to preserve that peace as long as possible. A century later, Obama told the Congress that it is time to end the longest war we have had.

On the topic of the economy, Wilson was trying to get the people to understand that the government used the money to give back to the people. In Obama’s State of the Union Address, he said that the government needed to help more in finding jobs for the unemployed, and setting a new minimum wage.

In comparison, Woodrow Wilson’s State of the Union Address was more focused on foreign affairs, while Obama’s State of the Union Address was more focused on what is going on inside of our nation. I feel like if one had a say on the other’s speech, he would be in agreement. In one hundred years, the priority has shifted. We have fixed most of the problems with foreign affairs, except that the nuclear bomb was introduced. Now that we have more equality, we are trying to perfect the equality so that everyone now has equal education, and the middle class and lower class are not so spread apart.



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