SOTU – Past and Present: Environmental Stances of 2004 VS 2014

Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012? Recently, the environment has been the focus of many debates. From a reduction of natural resources to deforestation, there are numerous issues concerning the Earth’s health.

In this year’s State of the Union, President Barack Obama addressed these environmental issues, stating he would not only strengthen the protection of clean air, water, communities, and federal lands, but that he would promote job growth while doing it.

“My administration will keep working with the industry to sustain production and job growth while strengthening protection of our air, our water, and our communities. And while we’re at it, I’ll use my authority to protect more of our pristine federal lands for future generations. ”

Obama’s view on the environment was highly supported by Congress and the Supreme Court. Obama was given the authority to create regulations on coal-fired plants. Also, Obama is running the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the past, not all presidents have taken action against, or even addresses environmental issues. This can be seen 10 years ago in the SOTU of 2004. President Bush never addressed any environmental issues. In the Democratic response to Bush’s SOTU, the environment was not mentioned either.

In the 10 years that have passed between Bush’s and Obama’s SOTU’s, the environment has become a main issue that must be addressed.


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