Once Upon a State of the Union (2009 vs. 2014)

Once Upon a State of the Union (2009 vs. 2014)

Long ago, in a far away land known as the United States of America there was a mighty President who ruled over this magnificent kingdom. His name was Barack Obama. He was the forty-forth president of the United States. It is said that once a year Barack Obama would tell a great tale to the citizens. This tale, was one of their nation, a lengthy tale for all to hear. In his story the President would update his people of what must be done and what has already been done…

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Addresses 2009 vs. 2014

Barack Obama has now been in office for the past five years and has given six State of the Union Addresses. So, I feel that it is appropriate to compare our current presidents first ever State of the Union to his most recent. This way we can see what has really gotten done in the past five years and what remains a problem.

In 2009, Obama was just beginning his presidency and he had a lot of cleaning up after the mess that George W. Bush left him with. During this State of the Union Obama talked a lot about the need and importance for health care reform and job creation. In his 2014 State of the Union he talk about both of these things, but rather talking about how they are problems he talks about the solutions that he has created and the progress that we have made on these two particular issues. For example a quote from the 2009 SOTU is “The cost of health care eats up more and more of our savings each year, yet we keep delaying reform.” And to show the progress we have made is this quote from the 2014 State of the Union; “More than 9 million Americans have signed up for private health insurance or Medicaid coverage.” Although the 2014 State of the Union does indeed show America’s progress as a nation from 2009, Obama states many times that we are still in the midst of the recovery and many of the problems that were so burdening back then are still burdening us today, but less so.

In the 2009 address Obama talk a lot about the plan that he is trying to put together in order to aid, if not fix the economic predicament that we were so deeply in during that time. “I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan by President’s Day that would put people back to work and put money in their pockets.” (2009 SOTU) I feel that the main point of Obama’s 2009 State of the Union Address was the economy; “You don’t need to hear another list of statistics to know that our economy is in crisis, because you live it every day.” (2009 SOTU) I feel Obama’s main point in the 2014 SOTU was to state that the country is in better shape now and that he will try his best to keep that progress going, even though not everyone, especially Congress, agrees with him on a lot of issues.

In both State of the Union addresses Obama expresses much praise for the importance of education and the importance of energy. The more I compare the two State of the Unions the more I realize how similar they are. Comparing these two State of the Union Addresses has taught me that as of now our country’s progress in recovery has been quite slow.

“We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.” (2009 SOTU)

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