Do We Owebama Anything?

On January 28, 2014, President Barack Obama gave a speech in front of Congress known as the State of the Union Address, in which he explained how the United States of America had changed, or in some cases, not changed, in the past few years and described his plans to improve the USA.

On February 24, 2009, at the very beginning of Obama’s first term, he gave a similar speech to Congress, and although the address wasn’t officially about the state of the union, it had very similar topics and held the same amount of hope for a developing America.

The three main topics of both speeches were: energy, health care, and education.

In 2009, the United States depended way too much on other countries’ oil and fuel, was still waiting for health care reform, and had too little people getting the right education for the jobs they desired. President Obama planned to put more money towards renewable sources and natural gas that can be found here in the United States, therefore creating jobs for Americans and not for people in other countries. He also wanted health care and higher education to be more widely available for all Americans.

Today, the United States has become less dependent on other countries’ oil and, each day, more and more businesses and families are using solar and wind energy to power their offices and homes. The government finally started health reform, allowing many people to not have to worry about needing a surgery or suddenly contracting an illness and going bankrupt because of the very high hospital and medical bills. More teenagers and young adults have been able to afford college with student loans and government funds, making their search for employment at their dream job a lot easier.

During the speech five years ago, Obama also mentioned that innovation is the only way to improve the American economy, and at the very beginning of this year’s SOTU Address, he spent a good amount of time on the economic, agricultural, medicinal, and educational modernizations created by seemingly ordinary American citizens.

According to President Barack Obama, a lot has improved in the United States of America, and a lot can still be done by us to strengthen our country. I’d like to believe that we really can make a difference in our nation and that we can slowly but surely start rising out of this immense debt that we are currently in.

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