Changes of the Past into the Present: SOTU 2013 and 2014

In this year’s State of The Union address, made by President Obama, the speech was focused on the economy as of now and its change from the past. According to the President, our deficit has halved since 2009 and is rapidly falling. We have also created many jobs for Americans to take and occupy, oil production at home is higher than that bought elsewhere. According to many manufacturers agree that the place to invest their money is in the United States instead of China. From these statistics and facts, it seems that economy is a high, or at least recovering from our recent depression.
Other topics of discussion included raising minimum wage, immigration reform, youth (pre-school) education, and that natural gas is the ‘bridge fuel’ to the time between now and the use of ‘green energy.’
In last year’s State of the Union address, the issue of minimum wage was used. President Obama tried to pass the motion on raising minimum wage to nine dollars an hour, yet currently our minimum wage is set at seven dollars AND this year President Obama is trying to pass the motion to raise it to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Of course it is good that the President is trying to raise the minimum wage because of the help it will give to those that need it the most. Simply I want it to be known that the President’s previous attempt did not work as intended and now by raising his idea a notch higher, it may seem to put him in a better light, but really it will probably have the same effect as before.
Immigration reform was also mentioned in last year’s SOTU and there has not been any major differences in the state of it. Heightening pre-school and kindergarten education is always a topic covered in last year’s SOTU and since then there has been some change. While nation wide there has been no official change, some states and schools have begun to make places of education for the youth that are of quality.
An ongoing topic discussion since the start of President Obama’s presidency is his support of green and renewable energy, for now and for the future. In this year’s SOTU a sort of plan was given of America’s future with energy and its source. President Obama proposed that Natural Gas, when obtained safely, is a very good source of energy and that in face it should be able to sustain the United State’s economy (of energy sources spending) until America is ready to switch over to clean and ‘green energy.’
A military topic that was also said in last and this year’s SOTU, was about the retraction of military troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. As of now, there no more American troops in Iraq and those in Afghanistan are currently being called back.
In comparison, both last and this year’s State of the Union address had many of the same points in the President’s speeches. The main difference between this year and last, was that a key point of the speech was about the economy, for this year. Also the progress since last year is also noted in the President’s speech, although some of it is small in comparison. Basically, while it is true that we, as a nation, are progressing to a better state of being, I think that this year’s SOTU is a bit sugarcoated, but this is well expected, just like any other politician’s speech.


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