All is Good and Well to Talk….2005 vs 2014

The presidents of the United States were all extremely good speakers, that was part of their charisma and a huge role in why they were elected in the first place. So, naturally, during many parts of this year’s State of the Union Address, I was swayed emotionally towards change and feeling as American as possible in response to President Barack Obama and Former President George Bush’s moving accounts, presentation of ideas, and list of accomplishments. However, I can not say that I was as impressed and moved as Vice-president Joe Biden was in the back. In fact, as the speech wore on, I felt my face drop to match  Speaker of the House John Boehner’s more than once.

The thing is, this was not the first State of the Union Address I have watched. I have watched the SOTU of 2013 and of 2005. Why do I feel as though I have heard the same exact speech this year…And last year….And a whopping nine years ago?! Simple. It is because the exact same format and points are repeated year after year in an attempt to stir the nation right down to the order in which they are presented! And, what’s more is that I never see most of the idea come to play. I know that being president is hard. It is definitely not something I could do. But, to bring up an entire nations hope, to say that every year is THE year, only to scatter them throughout the year is a bit…Redundant and tedious. 

 (me too, Boehner. Me too.)

Now, I have narrowed it down to an outline both Presidents used.

  1. Foreign relations, and how we are doing in comparison. Where we are from last year, or sometimes not even that much. Just where we have been (cough).
  2. The workforce having been increased in the last year by some percent (unemployment is still looking about the same to me nine years later…)
  3. Education and the advances of education.
  4. Power to saving the planet (talk about making sure you can answer your kids that YES, you did your part to save the Earth)
  5. Oil and our reliance on foreign oil.
  6. Stories (these are all actually really moving).
  7. Last motivational statement (Obama went above and beyond here, I really felt it)

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I see the changes, subtle in speech, but huge in action in terms impact on our nation. And I really, really enjoyed listening to the SOTU Addresses. They left me motivated as a student and a citizen to further empower MYSELF, and that is a gift few speakers have. It is fitting that the President possesses it, but instead of hearing the same things over and over again, I would like to see some change. A lot of change, actually. As President, it is something that we can EXPECT and DEMAND. It is all good and well to talk…And talk…And talk…But the bottom line is, I need to see that you, as the leader of this nation, are doing the VERY absolute best you can to bring absolute change about. I know that it is within our grasp to turn America’s somewhat destructive behaviors around. But it all begins and ends with the power of speech, and more importantly action, from the leader we elected.




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