“Celebrity Scandal: Untold Stories of our Beloved Stars”

The other night, I was watching some cheesy late night special on Marilyn Monroe’s many mistakes. I don’t care how messed up she was, for the life of me, I can’t speak badly about Marilyn Monroe. I feel like she’s so iconic and speaking badly about her would just tarnish how beautiful she was to everyone.

Likewise, when we, students in the Land Of Lincoln, had to decide if our beloved and adored Abraham Lincoln was a racist, I had some trouble deciding if I could really judge him. Aside from Chicago, he is our only claim to fame. Similarly, when Nelson Mandela passed we had to take off our rose-tinted glasses and realize that although he did great things, as a politician, he wasn’t the best and made many mistakes, just like everyone else.

Ms. Searcy reminds us to not see important, iconic figures, as symbols, but to remember that they are people, 3-dimensional humans that make mistakes just like everyone else. Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to analyze John Wilkes Booth, infamous assassin to Illinois’ very own Abraham Lincoln.

John Wilkes Booth was a cold-blooded actor. Or was  he a radical supporter of slavery? Booth assassinated Lincoln because he really believed in the institution of slavery, just like John Brown participated in riots because he believed in the abolition of slavery. Honestly, Booth and Brown are very similar. Maybe, Booth did assassinate Honest Abe, but maybe he was just crazy like John Brown. He was an actor, after all.

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