Southern Guerrillas

During the Civil War, there was conflict everywhere. Everyone knows that the disagreement between the Confederate States and the Union States on the issue of slavery was the cause of this conflict. Many battles were fought, the first being at Fort Sumpter, and ending at Palmito Ranch. Soldiers lined up and were fighting to win.

At the time, Missouri was a slave-owning state, yet many of the residents had anti-slavery beliefs. This caused tension within the state. A group of men, led by WIlliam Quantrill, decided to take the matter into their own hands, and fight against those who were on the Union side. Three years before the Civil War officially began, William Quantrill befriended anti-slavery Kansas people, just to earn their trust. He then attacked them, and killed three. In his group of guerrillas (about 400 people), he led them to kill many Union soldiers, as well as anyone in general who believed in abolition. One of the largest attacks that Quantrill led was in Lawrence, Kansas where the group killed any male who was in sight.


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