John Wilkins Booth,
I’ve got a few words for you.
Had it not been for your actions,
This nation would have prospered out of view.
But instead, you fell to the Southern distractions.
Bad enough, the Civil War
Had left the nation in death and rubble
And more issues washing ashore.
But Lincoln had a plan for this trouble-
Talks and negotiation
Would have united the nation
You might have had peace and equality
But you retained your closed mentality.
You might have had an independent economy
But you stuck to your stubborn “autonomy.”
The resulting “Union” was one of deceit-
Both the South and the North suffered defeat.
Both were flaunting the pride of their side
But  the North realized the need for change.
However, Johnson wasn’t suitable for the job
as he couldn’t restrain corruption or the KKK mob.
Only Lincoln’s words could such things arrange.

But you put an end to all of that
With the bullet
Through Honest Abe’s hat.

2 thoughts on “JWB

  1. This is such a creative way to tell the story of someone. I also liked how you told what the United States would have been like if he had not assassinated Lincoln. Usually we are told what happened because he died, but we don’t think as much about what it would’ve been like if he had been alive. Good job!

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