Caged Animal Syndrome

Patient’s name: DeAllen ‘average black dude who was just freed’ Williams

Diagnosis: Caged Animal Syndrome

Symptoms: Share-cropping, going back to previous owners (variant of Stockholm syndrome), extreme co-dependence, poverty, starvation,                               self perpetuating social inferiority.

Description of disease:  Caged Animal Syndrome is a disease referring to the concept of caging an animal from birth and locking it there for                                                          years while only feeding it something nasty like tofu burgers, and then one day just opening the cage door. What                                                                should happen (at least in my thoughts on this poorly-thought-out cheesy metaphor) is the animal will bolt out of                                                              its cage into the world it’s never seen before. The animal will then slouch back into its cage leaving it in the same                                                                poor situation but this time it is much more degrading because the door is open and the animal still stays.

 Recommendation: DeAllen needs to leave the plantation and find a low paying job or maybe an apprenticeship in town. Even though he                                                       might go hungry for the first bit he will then be on independent footing allowing him to succeed in the capitalist                                                                 economy driven by small business. God bless Amerika.

FYI : I am not saying black people are animals

image that i can’t get to show up:


One thought on “Caged Animal Syndrome

  1. This is really interesting! You would usually think that people would want to get as far as possible for the people who were so horrible for so long, but this (accurately, I think) points how that isn’t actually what happened usually. The recommendation still sounds pretty rough though, but sadly it was definitely very hard to get out of all of that.

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