William Trumble XIII: The War Among Us

August, 1861

It has been a while since I have written, but that is mostly due to my lack of any free time whatsoever. Ever since the election of our fine president, Abraham Lincoln, last year, things have been very out of hand here. I was more than shocked, as were all of my family members and friends in the north to hear that southern states had started seceding.  Now that they have seceded things have become even more unruly. When Confederate ships began attacking Fort Sumter in South Carolina, they shoved our country down a road that I’m sure will not be straight, but rather crooked and full of death and destruction.

Ever since us northerners, the Union, were at war against the southern states who have seceded, the self proclaimed Confederates, I haven’t been able to see my family, nor have I had much rest. I come from a fairly wealthy family, after all, I am directly related to the William Trumble, one of the first to step foot on this country of ours. I decided to join the Union army because I am a firm believer that the enslavement of any human being is not just morally unjust but also against God’s will for this country and I want to ensure that that way of life, as promoted in the south is slowly removed from our country.

The war is taking a huge toll on the families of our country already, and I’m sure there are years to come…

July, 1863

Another two years, not to mention countless battles, have gone by and I am ever grateful that I am still here to write about it all. Things are looking very good for the Union army, as it has both been supplied with plenty of soldiers to last out the rest of this war as well as all of the supplies it could hope for. In addition to that, our far superior railroad helps us transport our soldiers and our supplies much more efficiently then the south could ever dream of. This is definitely a contributing factor towards our recent military success. Just this month, a sound defeat of a confederate attack proved to be a huge turning point in the war.  In Pennsylvania, Gettysburg to be more precise, the Confederates fought hard to try and break our lines of defense. Fortunately, our courageous leaders on the field kept our spirits as high as they could stay while we were being shot at, and shooting others. After three days the attacks stopped after one last ditch effort that General Lee of the Confederate States threw at us.

I have heard that our holding of Gettysburg and our smothering of Lee’s attacks have ruined the morale of the Confederate Soldiers, and even General Lee himself. I look forward to the end of this bloody conflict, and remain thankful that I have not become one of many allied bodies laying, motionless, in the fields where battles took place.

I will write when I have more time, and I look forward to it, because that will mean I’m still alive.

Until then- William Trumble XIII





American Pageant 11th Edition, (Bailey, Kennedy, Cohen, 1998)

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