The America Show (Or, Why Amanda Bynes Symbolizes the Civil War)

Amanda Bynes has been in countless movies, television shows, and other delightful endeavors. In the past few years, however, people have come to know her as a crazy person who is in and out of rehab. After  years of this image,  it finally looks like Amanda is on the rocky road to recovery.

Amanda Bynes isn’t the only one to go through dark times. This great country we live in, The United States of America, wasn’t always so united. In 1861, in fact, slavery divided the nation and sent it into a downward spiral that took years for it to recover from– not unlike Ms. Bynes.

Amanda Bynes’ plummet started on April 6, 2012 with her DUI and crash with police, while America’s plummet started in the same month but on the 12th in 1861 with the bombing of Fort Sumter. Coincidence? Probably.

As the war ravaged on, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. There were more American casualties in the Civil War than all other major American wars combined.

As Amanda Bynes’ addictions and run-ins with the law continued, her own life was torn to pieces. She lost the respect of millions of fans, not to mention her dignity.

The civil war tore the country apart, making it look weaker in the eyes of foreign nations. Reconstruction was an arduous process, much like the Amanda Bynes’ rehabilitation process. Even after the thirteenth amendment was added to the Constitution, many Southern states continued to push against the outlaw of slavery by finding loopholes within Jim Crowe Laws, the Grandfather Clause, and sharecropping.

Eventually though, the union was able to piece itself together. And what of Amanda Bynes? She’s finally out of rehab and she plans on following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It goes to show that what was once broken can come out on the other side stronger than ever.

2 thoughts on “The America Show (Or, Why Amanda Bynes Symbolizes the Civil War)

  1. McKenzie, your ability to draw comparisons is quite spectacular. History is so much more interesting when you can contextualize it and give it meaning. Your interpretation is quite unique (and I think you could be a great conspiracy theorist if you tried).

  2. This was really interesting to read! I love how you can make comparisons between seemingly unrelated subjects and write an engaging post about it. I hope that this trend continues with our next post, because seeing the parallels between historical events and modern day happenings is intriguing.

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