Republicans: Hated Then, and Hated Now

Ahh, Republicans. During the Civil War, they were hated by many, and today, they continue to be hated by many. Although, I think the hatred was a bit more extreme back then. I mean, seriously? Seceding from your union just because you don’t like the ruling political party? Come on, people! As hated as George W. Bush was, I don’t think the liberals would have voted to secede from America. A war was even started over the hatred of the Republican party, and that was the Civil War. Many people believe that the Civil War started solely because of slavery, but this is incorrect. It was also caused by other major differences between the Republican North and the Democratic South. The Civil War was inevitable once the South declared they wanted a different type of government. In the North, the Government made the laws, as they had a very strong central government, however, the South wanted the states to choose the laws. Once the South seceded, their wish was granted, and they had a horrible government, just like the Articles of Confederation had. Strong central government and strong state government are two completely different types of government, so it’s obvious why the two political parties argued, but I don’t see why the Republicans were hated by the Democratic South so much. Sure, the Republicans wanted the government to have full control, and they did want to take away property from the citizens, and they did put states under martial law, and they did suspend the writ of habeas corpus just so their opponents of their policies could be contained. But put all that aside, I assure you the Republicans are just as nice of people as the Democrats are. Why are they hated today though? I get that there extremely different views between the two parties back during the Civil War, but what about now? The differences aren’t THAT extreme. Sure, they may not have the best views on human rights nowadays, but back in the day, they did a favor for the human race, by freeing all slaves across America! How can you hate that? That’s like hating a sweet innocent puppy. Okay, maybe not, because they did take property from US citizens, but should humans really be considered property? They also had much better political ideals and economic ideals, with a stronger central government and industrial factories producing more exported goods. What’s the point of seceding a Republican country that is much better in all ways compared to your Democratic country? You’ll probably all hate me for this comment, but why are Republicans still hated today when their economic ideals are MUCH better than that of the Democratic party? Who says taking away money from the middle class and giving it to the poor who don’t do anything for the community is a good idea? It’s just harming one more class. Pfft. Liberals. But that’s besides the point. Republicans were hated then, and are also hated now when they most certainly should not be. Don’t hate me for being Republican!

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