How the Civil War is basically a bad Batman Movie (not that there are any)

The Civil War was one of the most important wars in American history, and was definitely the bloodiest.The Civil War cost a total of around 600,000 American lives.

In this Batman movie, America is cast as Two-Face, or Harvey Dent. Like Dent, America began with high hopes, aspiring to be the best country in the world, a country governed by the people, a place of freedom. And like Dent, America had a “split personality” of sorts. In America’s case, that would be the North and South. Because they technically, according to history, won the Civil War, the North gets to be the normal looking side of Two-Face. Which means the South is the disfigured, grotesque side. But like Two-Face, that side didn’t start out horribly distorted. It was exactly the same as the North, you couldn’t even tell there were two sides, it was just one face (or country, sorry America). Of course, no face is perfectly symmetrical (unless it was a lab experiment that didn’t go horribly wrong and turn the subject into a man-bear-pig). There were some distinct differences between the two sides. Each side had a different lifestyle, different people, different environments, and different beliefs. The North was much more industrial than the South. The South grew the cotton (using slaves, better not forget that) and the North turned it into all sorts of goodies. It was the perfect manufacturing machine. Of course when something works, that means it’s only a matter of time before someone smashes it with a hammer. In every villain’s story, there is a turning point, the moment where they snap. For Dent, it was getting acid to the face (or fire, depending on whether you like the original or modern Batman better, no judgement). It caused one side to change, and it threw everything off. For America, it was the imbalance of slave and free states. Once the Missouri Compromise was repealed and the Kansas-Nebraska Act was put into place, the South became the ugly side of a two-sided monster. From there, there was no going back, the skin had burned away and the damage was done.

The prestigious role of Batman goes to none other than Abraham Lincoln. Both understood their storybook villain, and saw them for who they really were, a person (or people) who had lost control, and saw no other option. Both tried to lead their “villains” to the truth, that there was a better way, that the two sides could come back together. However, both had a bias. Obviously Batman was against Two-Face, but he knew Harvey Dent was still there, a good person fighting for justice. Lincoln was against slavery, which is what the South was fighting for, but he knew that the two sides needed to come together.



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