The Freedom to Separate

(as told by a white plantation owner)


I live in South Carolina, and on December 20, 1860, the day my state seceded from the Union, my heart could not have swelled more from the sheer satisfaction of doing so. The Northerners have elected their Lincoln, which I do not even remember appearing on the ballot! What sort of freedom takes away my right to choose the leader of my country? What sort of democracy assumed the position of siding which half a country while completely disregarding the other? All I hear from the North is their shouts and cheers for a democratic, united collection of states! I would have never considered one half of a country keeping the other by a tight leash as united by any standard. Not only this, but they freedom the Northerners cry out for only applies to themselves! Why must they be so cruel and unfeeling that they dare to take away my personal right to own property? How else will I make a living? I read in the papers Lincoln’s thoughts of us Confederate States- he feels as if he have no right to secede! True freedom implies the right to not be an expendable plaything of the government. True freedom should not lock me into any position, or any country lest I wish to be a part of it!

The Freedom to Separate

(as told by a white plantation owner’s slave)


My Master (though I detest calling him as such) has been crying out at the outrage of not having the freedom to own me. He’s been terribly upset with the North pressuring our half of the country to give up slavery. He’s told me himself, “I don’t want to be a slave to the North-producing crops for their needs”! He, a slave? What am I, then? I see something fundamentally wrong with somebody speaking out against men controlling other men, and here he is, keeping me under contract. His property. What is freedom? Where is line drawn? Why does that menace think he deserves the right to do as he pleases, but not I? My owner (the word sickens me) feels as though the South is a slave to the North, and this is wrong, but an entire race enslaved in bondage isn’t. What a situation our country is in! My own personal beliefs tell me true democracy will never exist, I am afraid us humans will always be kicking other people down.





Taken from our American Pageant book



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