Failed Confederate Flags of the Civil War

For a country to be functional and successful, it is a necessity for it to have a flag. The first flag of the United States was believed to have been sewn by Betsy Ross in the May of 1776, although some people now consider this piece of information questionable. This flag was similar to the one which we fly today.

When the Confederate States of America seceded from the Union during the Civil War, they declared themselves their own county. This meant that they were in need of a new flag.

The first official design for the Confederate flag had three stripes (two red and one white) and stars arranged in a circle inside a blue rectangle on the top left corner of the flag. This flag was too similar to the Union flag which caused some confusion on the battlefield. This unforeseen complication was the first failure of the Confederate flag.

The second failed official Confederate flag posed a different problem. This flag had the Confederate battle flag, or the “Southern Cross” in the top left corner on a white background. This flag was mistaken for a white flag of surrender on numerous occasions. To avoid this problem in the future, the third official Confederate flag design was the same as the second but with a broad, vertical red stripe on the right side. This seemed to solve both of their previous flag issues.

Now, the most well known Confederate flags are the Confederate Navy Jack and the “Southern Cross” (Battle Flag), both of which were never the design for the official flag of the Confederate States of America. However, the second and third official flags did contain the “Southern Cross” in its design. This is an image of the Confederate Navy Jack.

Today, some Americans argue that Confederate flags are not symbols of hate, but rather tools we can use to remember the deaths in the Civil War and to reflect on history. Others believe that the flags are symbols used to promote bigotry and think that the presence of Confederate flags is highly offensive. Still, it remains a fact that Confederate flags are a common sight in the southern regions of the United States despite the objections from some Americans.


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