Was the Civil War Really Worth It?

People still argue today about whether the civil war was worth all the casualties and destruction. The answer is yes.

The only purpose of the civil war was to get rid of slavery. That’s it. And did it get rid of slavery? Indeed it did. Even though the death toll was the most America has ever suffered, we can’t go back in time and change that. As for the destruction, Americans easily rebuilt from that; especially the north after their economic boom after the war with industrialization.

Now, some people my argue that the civil war did little to nothing because blacks were still treated with prejudice and racism after the war. That is a completely incorrect statement for many reasons. As mentioned before, the civil war was fought for getting rid of slavery. It wasn’t fought to get rid of racism and prejudice. In fact, no one in America at the time was really in favor of blacks being equal to whites, they were just split on whether slavery should be legal or not.

Racism is something completely different than slavery. So different that it needed its own movements in American history. We are learning about the reconstruction period right now which talks about people trying to make blacks equal to the whites. That wasn’t very successful. Then there was civil rights movement. This happened because since whites couldn’t make blacks equal, blacks knew they had to fight for it them selves.

Racism is not something physical that can be fought for or against. Racism is a state of mind; something you think and express verbally. Racism can’t be cured with a war, it can only be cured if people learn to accept people of different races.

Cartoon by: Thomas Nast


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