Siamese Twins: The North and the South

From the start of the nation, the Northern and Southern states of the Union have evolved in very different ways. Initially religious colonists from Europe came and founded separately. As the nation formed together, religious groups were sort of competing with each other. Political parties were formed (against successful President Washington’s desire), further dividing the nation

The napkin for the Union’s mess had one of its first rips.

Slaves were introduced into the colonies in the early 1600s as basically human labor tools. They were seen as property with no rights. They were sold and traded, like a grotesque altered version of Fantasy Football, where plantation owners chose the best humans possible so they could abuse them and use them to boost their team/social status. The leaders of the nations were even part of this growing league. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin in 1794 boosted production rate of cotton all over. The “Peculiar Institution” created taught Americans greed.


Slavery was eventually seen as immoral, but the belief was more concentrated in the North. The North’s geographic features did not suit agriculture, so they had a manufacturing based economy, so no need for slaves anymore. The South had a production based economy of cotton. They would have slaves pick the cotton, and transport it to the North to be manufactured. As a result, only the plantation owners in the South gained wealth, in comparison to the wealthy in the North, which was a more widely spread population. Northerners began to see slavery as wrong. Railroads, steamboats, and highways were introduced, and further supported desire for production.(*rrip*)

Land was stolen from Mexico, and America expanded westward. America has now seen gold, and God has devised a plan for them entitled “Manifest Destiny”, promoting their greed, but here comes the madness.Previous compromises, like the Missouri Compromise, were drafted to DIVIDE the nation between free and slave states. Stephen A. “Little Giant” Douglas, came along with a proposal for a large sector of land, Kansas + Nebraska. The Snake wanted the people to decide for themselves if slavery should be incorporated or not within the new territories, under the idea of popular sovereignty. Though initially sounding nice, it created a sickening competition to get votes, which would further the peace relations between the North and the South.(*rrrrip*)

Slavery was desired by the South, so many Southerners rushed to get the vote in Kansas. Others, like Kansas native John Brown, felt the opposite. In essence, he was an anti-slavery “terrorist”. Tensions between the Northern and Southern states grew, as the North was “dominated by Brown-loving Republicans” (American Pageant, p. 433)

The Southern lifestyle was basically only fueled by the ever so endorsing King Cotton, unlike the North, who benefited from various manufacturing and trade practicing. The immense division between the North and the South on a mental, political, and social basis is what finally triggered the war, and finally complete ripped the napkin. Nearly immediately after slave opposing Abraham Lincoln was elected, states began seceding the Union. The Confederate States of America was formed to be a separate Union from the North, despite their lack of actual unity. After “Mr. Rail-splitter” attempted to restock a Confederate base and the Confederates reacted irrationally, the North began to realize they couldn’t stay connected to their Siamese twin under such relations. Their differences were enormous, and on April 12, 1861, it was time to start the Civil War, creating a mess that should have been cleaned up a long time ago.


One thought on “Siamese Twins: The North and the South

  1. Wowww this post was very interesting, and full of great information. It also had a nice amount of creativity, and I appreciate the analogies developed. It greatly summarizes this period in time, and the many important causes of the Civil War are outlined nicely. Through our class and your post I can only come to the conclusion that the United States were bound together through compromise, and it was this same compromise that caused separation.
    The differences between these “Siamese Twins” ultimately intellectually split a physically connected nation.
    I agree that the development of states and regions in this nation is complex, and the condition of affairs across the United States is ever-changing.
    Nice job Robert, this post was well written and had very inclusive content!

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