CHF Pigs For Historians

Animals played a major role in history.  Over time, people documented what they saw and believed in, and we now use these pictures and stories as evidence of the influence that animals had in the history of humankind.  This evidence can be found in many places, such as symbolic representations of animals in churches, maps, and books.  Europeans especially were obsessed with monsters.  With many people claiming to have seen monsters with their own eyes and wild stories spreading everywhere, people started to document the different types of species of animals and creatures.  Map makers included monsters in maps that they made, depicting where and what kind of terror can be found.  Writers started to create books which described different types of species of animals.  One famous writer was Edward Topsell, who wrote the History of Four-Footed Beastes in 1607.  He included many of the typical animals that are known today, but he also included monsters from stories and lores.  He believed that people should know what is out there in the world, and he wanted everybody to know what to do if they met some animal or chanced upon a monster.  America also played an important role in the documentation of animals.  Colonists and travelers brought back different types of creatures from America to show to Topsell, such as insects, birds, and larger mammals, such as beavers.  Topsell then drew what was brought to him and included everything in his books.  The people who traveled to America also found that the natives there had knowledge of nature that could be extremely useful, and they included that in their books too.  Over time, everything published about the Americas made the budding country very appealing to Europeans.  The illustrations made the Americas seem plentiful with resources.  Animals and the people’s need to document them had a big impact on history and America.  It was one of the big reasons for why many people wanted to travel and live there, and maybe without those animals and monsters, America might not exist as it is known today.

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