Sherman Alexei, Parents, Books

When I was growing up, my parents would sometimes say that I couldn’t read a book or I couldn’t watch a movie. They still do that sometimes. I think that this is OK as long as it isn’t extreme. Sherman Alexei touched on this subject very nicely, saying that parents should be more worried about their children’s phones and laptops and less about their books. He said, “Books help kids with the issues they are dealing with.” I think this is right and that a book shouldn’t be banned because the whole reason that that book was written was to offer a different perspective on a subject; who is to say that the content of a book is wrong? Everyone is different and a book offers kids and *GASP* even adults with information on how to deal with life. Sherman Alexei also described ways that parents could protect their kids from the changing times and the corruption online and at school; Alexei suggested that parents use parental controls to block their kids’ phones during school times and at night.

This issue about banned books is especially important because we are living in America. America is a place where people have the freedom of press, and “banning” a book reduces that freedom. What Sherman Alexei talked about was the importance of the freedom and how writers and the minority should have their voice heard. Being from a minority group, I could connect with him wholly because people make a lot of stereotypes against Muslim and Turkish people and Sherman Alexei really inspired me to stick up for myself and my religion and not let people push me around.

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