Men Are Animals

In his presentation Men Are Animals, Matthew Guttman discussed the nature of man and woman. He brought up statistics about how men are more likely to be murderers and generally are more violent. Many people spend their time thinking about where these tendencies came from. Some people think that it developed way back in history and have been passed down from ancestor to ancestor. Guttman mentioned the son of one of his friend’s neighbors, and how he had started to get involved in gang violence. This boy’s mom thought that maybe he had these violent tendencies because his grandfather fought in the army. Guttman believed that the genetics idea is false and that too many people blame these violent tendencies of man on heredity.

When looking through American history, there is no time where man is not somewhat violent. Even the peaceful Indians hunted and killed innocent animals. Sometimes it is hard to see through the perspective that men and women are animals. We were created as animals and have evolved to what we are today, but we will always be animals. Many people use this as an excuse for the violent tendencies of man. It is quite like the common phrase “boys will be boys”. This is basically saying that man is violent because that is what he has always been and he just can’t help it.

The other idea Guttman brought up in contrary to “boys will be boys” was that not all boys have these tendencies, but the few that do can and must be stopped. The serious issues brought on by male tendencies should be regarded with the perspective of this idea rather than pinning the excuse “boys will be boys” on every violent and sex driven thing that males do. “Boys will be boys” does ring true to some extent as males do have certain tendencies wired in their brains. But using it as an excuse subsides the self-control and instincts of man.

Even while studying history, we should analyze the actions of man with an open mind. We cannot reason every violent act committed by a man with “boys will be boys”. History would just be viewed as a bunch of men running around killing each other because they’re men, and that’s what they do. Rather, look into their actions for they have more reasoning than the term “boys will be boys” sets out for them.


Guttman, Matthew. Men are Animals. November 9, 2013.

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