Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz was a scientist originally from Switzerland but he immigrated to the American Country originally to give a series of lectures in Boston. His main area of study was in marine biology, and this contributed a lot to the American Science. He is considered the Creator of American Science for many reasons. The first and most important is that he began to make science an interesting field of study to go into for Americans. He contributed much to marine geology in terms of observation and description rather than experimental observation. Another reason is that where he was performing his observations was in the Northern States where fishing was a very important trade and was crucial to their economy.

Louis Agassiz came to the U. S. in 1846 and although his only reason of his coming to the U. S. was to give a series of lectures in Boston he stayed for the remainder of his life and became a professor at Harvard. When he was in the U. S. he became greatly fascinated in jellyfish and began to observe them and wrote much on them. The people in of the Northern States, specifically those interested in fishing and those that were fishermen, were greatly interested in his observations and recordings. Many of his observations made in the U. S. were put in his book, “American Geologist’s Puzzle Box (1866).”

A big thing that he went by in his studies was his his idea that Darwin was wrong in his idea of evolution. He challenged the ideas of Natural Selection and instead thought that people of different races came from different origins and lineage. In this way he was extremely racist, scientifically. Agassiz thought that people of other races, for example African people, were at a disadvantage in genetics and were scientifically inferior to white people.

The most important things to remember of Louis Agassiz is his reason for being racist, his studies in marine biology and how he made his studies, his ‘outdoory’ character which cause him to constantly be working on projects, and that his studies caused the interest of science to be bestowed on the Americans, therefore changing their course in history.

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