Chicago Humanities Festival: Arming Mother Nature

Thousands of natural disasters have taken place on Earth. Wildfires, drought, hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes have all struck the world again and again. what would happen if these natural disasters could be manipulated? What if they could be used as weapons against you?

Biological weapons were accidently in use long before people thought to use them against each other. Biological weapons can be invasive species or new diseases that are brought to a new land. These weapons can have detrimental results. Such was the case when European explorers came to the Americas at the end of the 15th Century. Diseases, such as smallpox, were common in Europe but foreign to the Americas. When the Europeans arrived, they brought with them these fatal diseases. They were harmful to the Indians because they lacked immunities to these new diseases. The diseases spread like wildfire over the country, reaching a majority of existing Indian tribes. The results were, therefore, devastating to the Indian population. In two hundred years, over 90% of these American natives died from European diseases. In history, cases such as the Indians and Europeans, demonstrates the power of bioweapons.

Bioweapons have become a recent threat to the world. Countries began to develop bioweapons during the Cold War. Since then, several international agreements have been made to ban the use of bioweapons because of their drastic effects. These agreements are more crucial now than ever because many countries have the technology to create bioweapons that could hurt the world. However, situations with usage of bioweapons are hard to judge. It is difficult to tell when they were used on accident or on purpose. Bioweapons will continue to be a point of conflict in the future.

One thought on “Chicago Humanities Festival: Arming Mother Nature

  1. I like how you brought up the idea of comparing the in-tamable weather and a person’s hereditary traits at the opening. Relating to the disease being used as a weapon, I just found out scientists are able to intensify one of the viruses from one of the past epidemics by 50 times. Hopefully. it won’t be used as a large scale small-pox blanket for World Wars in the future like your blog intends.

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