CHF: David Axelrod, “NOT” A Political Animal

On Saturday November 9, I went to go see the former senior advisor to the President speak of the future, and the involvement of today’s youth in politics. As a political advisor, Axelrod had a lot of insight toward many controversial topics that had happened in the past, that are happening now, and that will happen. Having worked with big-name political figures such as Harold Washington, Richard Daley, Rahm Emmanuel, and Barack Obama, Axelrod has a lot of deep knowledge that he used to examine past governmental failures such as the shutdown, or big successes, such as leading the Obama Presidential campaign of 2008 to the re-election campaign which was also a success.

Everything Axelrod spoke of relates to American History because through his actions and helping other political figures, he is making history every day, and has made history in the past though all his ideas and contributions to plans of all sizes.

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