Men are Animals

In this lecture the speaker explained that there are two mentalities about mens behaviors. The first is that men are men and that men will always act like men. Man cannot help their behaviors because they were born the way they are. Some people say this has to do with heredity and that you will take after your family so if your dad was mean you will be born mean and you will grow up to be mean. The other mentality is that only some men are bad and we should and are able to stop them from being bad people. This mentality suggests that nature plays a much smaller role in development than nurture and that culture is very important. This also means that if we as a culture say it is ok for boys to act like boys they can become very bad people.

Throughout American history men have been animals because they have been allowed to be animals. Men have dominantly controlled the world for so long that throughout almost all of history boys have been told they can act like animals so they grow up as animals. This can be seen in early American history in many ways, but especially in the way that America dealt with the Native Americans. They were only peaceful with the Native Americans when they needed help from them to survive on their new lands. However even after all the help they received the colonies tricked and forced them out of their land and persisted doing so for over a decade.America acted as a man by using force and deception to take what they wanted and giving almost no thought to other humans rights.

We also see very disgusting behavior from men during the slave trade in America. Slavery had become such a regular thing that slave owning became respectable rather than repulsive. Boys were grown up exposed to slavery so when they grew older they thought it was natural for blacks to be worth less than whites and that is was expected of them to work. Men want to be at the top and have the capability to control everyone else and when they get the chance they do so. That is why men are animals.

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