Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science

Louis Agassiz was a scientist who was born in Switzerland, but moved to America where he did most of his work. After his studies he became a professor at Harvard University. He believed that everything could be known through the sciences and that science was the true key to knowledge. He is most well known for disputing Darwins theory of evolution. He believed that according to Darwin’s idea that evolution takes millions of years he evidence that evolution had taken place on a relatively new set of islands could not be possible. Agassiz was also a profound racial and believed in white superiority through biological evidence.

I believe one of the main ways Agassiz affected american history was through his support of racial inequality. He was a very smart and reputable man and he was giving people biological evidence that whites were superior to blacks. He was alive during a very delicate racial period and he was fighting for racial inequality with evidence that at the time seemed very strong. Unfortunately for him he was fighting for racial inequality at a time when it was almost indefinite that the blacks would be free.

Agassiz also helped to start the american sciences through education. He was known as an amazing teacher with a booming voice. One of his key beliefs was that all people should learn the sciences even women. By teaching the sciences he made them a more accessible profession. His work also brought more attention to science in America making it a viable profession.

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