Farm in the City: A Growing Phenomenon

We live in a country where some kids don’t even know what gardening is. Some kids have never even seen a farm. I mean, seriously, how have you NOT seen a farm? There are even a massive amount of kids who haven’t seen a cow before. Um, excuse me, but aren’t cows everywhere? Obviously not. Some kids have only seen cows as steaks on their plate. However, there are organizations that are trying to change this. These kids who have never seen a farm before are most likely children who live in the city, but Growing Home, Blacks in Green and The Plant are trying to help these children. Growing Home is an organization that, well, you guessed it, farms in the city! Their base is in Chicago, and they have done so much since 1992, showing the city that it is possible to farm. Growing Home’s main goal is to operate, promote and demonstrate organic growth in neighborhoods like Englewood. It’s funny to think that in the beginning of American History, all we saw was Native Americans farming their own food. And then the Europeans came over, and they started to plant their own food. So why did that all of the sudden stop? Farming was such a common hundreds of years ago, and now you rarely can see a farm in Chicago. Growing Home is finally bringing back the tradition of growing your own food, and soon they will take over the whole world!!!! ….Okay, maybe it won’t go that far, but I can see them becoming huge over the next few years. They already have organic, urban farms all across America, three of those on the south side of Chicago. The Plant and Blacks in Green are doing the same thing, being inspired by Growing Home. It’s obvious that the old American tradition of farming and growing your own food is making a comeback, even in extremely urban areas, such as Englewood. It’s very heartwarming to see, as these new urban farms are opening up jobs and keeping people out of jail.


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