Consuming Animals

Meat. Ohhh, how I love meat. Don’t we all love meat? Well, vegetarians don’t, but you get the point. Meat is a great thing, and it’s one of the most, if not the most popular type of food there is. In America, butchers were some of the biggest jobs in the neighborhood. You would get all of your meat from the local butcher, because there weren’t meat-packing industries yet. The meat you would get from your local butcher was some of the freshest, best meat you could eat. However, later in history, stores like Wal-Mart and Target began to open. You don’t see a fresh butcher in those stores, do you? Nah. You know why? Because meat-packing industries were started. You see, meat-packing industries took over America because what they sold you was cheap, and it was fast to make. But people never thought that what they were getting was not the good meat. Butchers started to slowly go out of business, because no one was buying their more expensive, real meat, but instead they were buying the cheap, fake meat. It’s a saddening thing. Some of these meat-packing industries don’t even give you meat anymore. Why do people buy this stuff? It’s really a mystery to me. Butchers always gave the best quality meat, and by far the freshest product. There still are some butchers around today though, however, they find it hard to sell some of their products. Some of these products include livers and tongues. What do they end up doing with these parts? What about other parts of the animal like the skin, the bones, the genitals or the eyeballs? In Native American culture, once you killed an animal, you were required to utilize all of the animal’s body parts. That means, they have wore skirts made out of bones, earrings made out of eyeballs and hats made out of cow genitals! Okay, well maybe that’s not completely accurate, but it could be true! Butchers did not utilize all of the animal’s body parts, showing the change in American culture. It would have been considered weird to use an animal’s bones for something other than decoration. America’s culture regarding the consumption of animals has most certainly changed over the past hundreds of years.


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