CHF: The Political Animal

Daniel Axelrod is an extremely well-known politician. He helped Blagojevich when he ran for Senator, and was Obama’s closest advisor when it came to the presidential elections.

One of his main points about politics, was that children should be more interested in it. No long into the conversation, he told a story about when he was five years old. Living in New York during 1960 was exciting. Robert Kennedy would tour around New York, talking to the crowds who gathered to hear him. Axelrod watched as Kennedy spoke, but admitted that he cannot remember any of what was said. Daniel Axelrod also said that by the time he was ten, he knew that agreed with democratic views, rather than republican. The biggest justification he had for children being involved in politics, is that we are the next generation to make a change. If there is something that we do not like about our government, or something we think should be changed, whether we are interested in education, finances, it doesn’t matter: everything is shaped based on our government and how it runs. We are want can make that change possible.

I feel like this concept is true for all of history, because everyday, people are born, each person carrying new ideas. When America originally gained independence, the Founding Father’s set up what they believed would be the best government for our nation. As it turns out, it wasn’t exactly what they had planned, but as the years went on, the people began to transform the government to the way that was most fitting for the growing country. It is our job to be aware of what is flawed in our government, so that when it is our time, we can step up and change it to account for the different values and needs for our time.

Overall, I liked the talk although I did not understand a lot of the jokes he made. The part that stuck out to me the most was when he talked about Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Axelrod recounted when someone had asked Obama whether he felt lucky enough to get it passed and Obama’s response was, “I am a black man, whose name is Barrack Obama, and I am the president of the United States. I feel lucky everyday.” Axelrod talked about his personal life as well with his daughter having epilepsy and how it took a toll on his family. He said that they had to pay about a thousand dollars a month and it was a struggle to pull together the money. He explained his gratefulness to Obama for vouching for the act. Although it was too late to help with him personally, Axelrod thanked Obama on behalf of all the other families that were helped by the act.

That is only one example of how our government was improved. As the years go on, it is inevitable that the nation does as well. It is important, as Axelrod made a point of, that we take note of politics, so that when it is our turn, we know how to handle issues to the best of our ability in order to move forward. As the younger generation, we hold the key to the future.

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